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GAINING GROUND is a small-scale farm in Woodinville, WA providing hyper-local, seasonal produce. We are committed to providing healthy produce for our local community using sustainable and efficient farming practices. We also educate our customers on how our food is grown, preparation ideas, and preservation techniques.

Our farming practices are designed to support the soil health. We are growing over 30 different vegetables using organic practices to gain the benefits that crop diversity offers, such as increased biodiversity, tailored pest management, habitat creation for beneficial insects, and increased soil fertility.

We believe that eating from local farms promotes sustainable growing practices. Eating local produce is more delicious, supports the local economy, is more nutritious, has no preservatives, has a lower carbon footprint, and improves food safety.

At GAINING GROUND we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love. Come visit us at the farm and see what we do to provide our community with the best possible produce available.

For more information or to plan a visit, click get in touch!

About Us: Our Farm

Keeping you Safe during Covid-19

Given the risky climate related to COVID-19, we are not participating at the farmers markets this year, as we had originally planned. 

To distribute fresh, local food to you, we are offering curbside pickup service at the farm. We will update our fresh vegetable list each week. Simply order online by Thursday, and we will have it ready on Saturday.

Pickup your order at the farm in Woodinville, via curbside pickup, and we will load it in your trunk. We offer a pre-payment options to further reduce your risk by eliminating the physical interaction cash/check transactions.

Shop our Crop

Buying vegetables directly from the farm reduces your risk. Margaret Felts will personally hand harvest all orders, and will carefully wash and package all orders. One person handling your veggies before you bring them home reduces the risk substantially.  GAINING GROUND follows strict food safety protocols outlined in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), a U.S. Food and Drug Administration program that ensures that fruits and vegetables are produced, packed and stored as safely as possible.  

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