GAINING GROUND is a small farm that provides delicious, local, organically-grown vegetables.  We cheerfully hand-pick each vegetable with care.

We are focused on bringing you and your vegetables closer together by farming and selling within a 10 mile radius of the farm in Woodinville, WA. Eliminating the distance that our vegetables travel provides beautiful, flavorful, fresh, healthy, seasonal food for our local community.

Enjoy the country air and farm-fresh food at GAINING GROUND. Come visit us!

Bring the whole family to participate in farm activities, take a farm tour, and learn about how your food is being grown.



Given the risky climate related to COVID-19, we are not participating at the farmers markets this year, as we had originally planned. 

To distribute fresh, local food to you, we are offering curbside pickup service at the farm. We will update our fresh vegetable list each week. Simply order online by Thursday, and we will have it ready on Saturday.

Pickup your order at the farm in Woodinville, via curbside pickup, and we will load it in your trunk. We offer a pre-payment options to further reduce your risk by eliminating the physical interaction cash/check transactions.

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Buying vegetables directly from the farm reduces your risk. Margaret Felts will personally hand harvest all orders, and will carefully wash and package all orders. One person handling your veggies before you bring them home reduces the risk substantially.  GAINING GROUND follows strict food safety protocols outlined in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), a U.S. Food and Drug Administration program that ensures that fruits and vegetables are produced, packed and stored as safely as possible.  



Are you looking to purchase fresh seasonal vegetables? Look no further.

GAINING GROUND offers a wide variety of colorful offerings. Each week we carefully hand-harvest each vegetable to provide the freshest and best quality produce.

In 2020, we are growing over 30 different vegetables with over 50 varieties.  Our customers have a unique experience buying direct from the farmer.  We can answer questions about food preparation, offer recipes and preservation tips, explain how each vegetable is grown, and promote local, seasonal produce.

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16211 140th Pl NE, Woodinville, WA 98072

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